At its core, Last Ark Out is just a group of music nerds. Bringing together influences ranging from Wayne Shorter to Kendrick Lamar to Radiohead and back, the band has a forward-thinking energy that is at once inwardly intellectual and immediately satisfying. 

Last Ark Out is the brainchild of Vancouver guitarist and producer Arthur Pascau Smith: literally a small child born from his head. More Importantly, it is also a band, featuring loveable scamps and college friends Justin Gorrie (alto sax), Arthur J P Smith (guitar), James Huumo (piano), and Colin Parker (drums), who is a big fan of the oxford comma. Added to this veritable rogue’s gallery is the talent of Jeff Gammon (bass), who the others discovered in an abandoned gold mine during a routine scavenger hunt. With their lineup now complete, Last Ark Out was born. Drawing on a slew of influences, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, and terrible puns, they strive to play music that they enjoy, in an effort to finally make their parents proud.

In addition to their self-recorded and released 2014 EP, the band has recently recorded and filmed a live off the floor video of two original compositions. The dream-state ‘Princess of Snooze’ by bassist Jeff Gammon draws inspiration from the visual art of Yoshitomo Nara. ‘Mash Potato’ by guitarist Arthur Pascau Smith is a post-rock take on extended and poly-tonal harmony.